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Heavy Equipment eCommerce Services

Your trusted single source for your heavy equipment asset management, providing services locally in Western New York, the United States, and globally.


Browse and purchase quality heavy equipment assets with the confidence that your transaction is fast, easy, and secure.

asset management

Zero cost to you. Let us inspect, analyze, list, market, and manage your heavy equipment assets, providing you with the best ROI possible.


We will meet with you, do a thorough analysis of your heavy equipment needs, inspect your equipment, create and edit actionable online videos of your equipment, and offer top notch professional service.


We are your trusted digital marketing and online services partner, to provide you with an optimum ROI on your machinery assets. We have deep heavy equipment, digital advertising, eCommerce, technology, and services partnerships. This results in satisfied clients.

(716) 300-5933

Buffalo, New York

WNY Machines is a subsidiary brand for JTB Online

the smart way to buy and sell your heavy equipment

WNY Machines provides quality heavy equipment assets from our deep partnerships in the Western New York market, and across the continental USA.  We can also facilitate the sales of your assets overseas.

Whether you are a construction company looking to get rid of heavy equipment without the frustration, expense, and timely task of marketing it yourself, or you are in independent contractor looking to purchase good quality equipment from a trusted source; we have you covered. 

We specialize in Digital Marketing and eCommerce, and have a deep network of heavy equipment experts that we partner with, to get the job done.

one hand to shake

A seamless and transparent way to offload the time and expense of managing your heavy equipment assets. We will do all of the heavy lifting for your business and become a valuable resource, in even the most uncertain of economic times.

"I strive to provide our clients with the best service possible!"

Brian Rayner

Managing Partner


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